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Milky Rivers in Texas

July saw the onset of tremendous heat... and fireworks!

Dallas Skyline with Happy Fireworks to Start July

The beginning of July seemed to be more dedicated to efforts in capturing shots in the local Wetland Center. I can recall two early mornings in particular that I wanted sunrise shots during their special hours but the rains were ever present. Odd for Texas summers. All was not lost, because where sunrise escaped me I was able to capture a nice moment near a small hummingbird feeder set up on the porch area of the Wetland Center. For your viewing pleasure, please follow the link below...

6:30am Breakfast Served Up

There was a moment that stood out in my search for good light. It was at the end of a sweltering day. More normal for Texas.
The morning began exactly like detailed above, soaked. Huge clouds filled the sky and there was thunderful lightning strikes abound and all around. (New word: thunderful) After tucking my tail between my legs and sauntering home, we jumped in the car …
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It has taken many days to learn how to create and edit my first website, but it is finally at the point with which I am happy to present it to everyone. 
As a budding photographer in Dallas, I need a way to set myself apart and/or draw more folks in to what I'm trying to accomplish. I understand that this is a saturated field but that won't stop anyone with a vision. My vision is to have my work adorn the halls and galleries of the largest cities and the most humble homes. 
Here's the first write-up about adventures in photography that may go without notice to the rest of the world. My story isn't unlike that of any other landscape and wildlife photographer, but I wish for others to know what it takes to get a good picture. 
Traveling three hours West from Dallas, one may find the road a bit barren and devoid of buildings/lights/people. Don't worry, there's other things to keep you company in the desert. 
Finding myself in Albany, TX and about nine ho…